Give to the Max Day! November 16


ICON SAM: Temple Dances is an immersive, indoor/outdoor performance and community engagement project featuring themes of Inclusiveness and Transition and choreography by award-winning local dancemakers Wynn Fricke, HIJACK, Lise Houlton, Judith Howard, Judith Brin Ingber, Sally Rousse, and others.

JUNE 14-24, 2018

The  historical, hysterical romp will take place on the sidewalks, alleys and doorways, lobbies, studios, and hallways of what was the Hennepin Center for the Arts, which was formerly a Masonic Temple, and is now, conjoined with the Sam S. Shubert Theatre (many times renamed and finally, historically, moved from Block E to Hennepin on rubber tires over 12 days in 1999) the Cowles Center (CC), situated on what we acknowledge above all as Dakota land.


As the first female dancer to perform onstage at the Cowles Center, Sally Rousse has come full circle. Making her1992 Minneapolis debut in what was then known as the The Little Theater (now Tek Box) on the second floor of the Hennepin Center for the Arts, Rousse worked tirelessly with Artspace, Minnesota legislature and Minneapolis City Council, and the dance community to raise funds and awareness for the Shubert’s historic and strategic move and renovation. In 2014 the Cowles Center and James Sewell Ballet (JSB) honored Rousse with a tribute and retrospective. Building on the momentum of her 2014 success at the American Swedish Institute KOM HIT!, ICON SAM: Temple Dances jettisons Rousse and the Cowles Center into an innovative, progressive arena of dance/theater for the 21st century.