McKnight 2014

Sally named 2014 McKnight Fellow in Dance
I am so grateful for this honor, particularly at this time of transition from James Sewell Ballet – the company I co-founded nearly 25 years ago and nurtured from New York to Minnesota and 25 states in between (plus Bermuda). 
Now, I am busy shopping for a choreographer for my solo and heading to Ely, MN for a retreat along with other McKnight Fellows: Kenna Cottman, Penelope Freeh, Wynn Fricke, Joanie Smith, and Max Wirsing. I love the various connections to these folks! Fellow Lake Country School parent (Kenna), fellow JSB-er and Buddhist (Penny), fellow Vermonter (Max), former Seward neighbor and Buddhist (Wynn), and fellow NYC LaGuardia Arts High School inhabitant (Joanie). We have all benefitted from our various spiritual and cultural backgrounds. I am in good company.