Paramount to My Footage

Drawing from a wide palette of movement and an appetite for extreme theatrical moods, Paramount to My Footage dives into historical fiction and the worlds of celebrity and privacy, grappling with what it is to be known and to know others—over time and distance, through love, fame, death, and rivalry. In creating the piece, Sally Rousse looked to “the inner cartoon balloon commentaries” that run through her head to reinvent her story, appropriate that of others, and turn an optimistic eye to the future. “After a 25-year career dancing other peoples’ visions, I am figuring out my own,” says the 2001 McKnight Dancer Fellow, who performed with the Royal Ballet of Flanders and Ballet Chicago before cofounding Minneapolis’ James Sewell Ballet in 1990. “This piece goes beyond the agreed-upon limits of ballet, beauty, and biography.” It features such varied artists as poet and writer Heid Erdrich, filmmaker Alek Keshishian, and a cast of distinguished local performers. Rousse hopes to give something indelible to them: perhaps “their own new way of moving or thinking or loving or observing.”